“Space and the city – Give us (free) space!”


Many people – in one way or another – participate in or experience forms of nightlife. However, this is usually not treated as an object relevant to urban policies. Marie-Avril Berthet, cultural geographer at the University of Leeds, fills this gap by using the example of Geneva to analyse the history of nightlife and how night culture can position itself in (cultural) politics and urban planning.

Nightlife and life in the city needs space: accessible space. Together with two activists, Celia Honauer and Mira Rojzman from the city of Zurich, we discuss the artistic, social and spatial dimensions and challenges of urban space in and around nightlife.

Both have a lot of experience in creating alternative club culture in Zurich and with related questions such as the following: How difficult has it become to be creative, subversive and proactive? How do you create space for yourself? Where does socially and culturally valuable nightlife manifest itself today and how? How does nightlife enrich everyday life in a city?

Marie-Avril Berthet (Nightlife Geographer, University of Leeds)
Celia Honauer (Regula/ZWZ/F96 Kollektiv, Zurich)
Mira Rojzman (Para/Awarenetz, Zurich)

Isi von Walterskirchen (Clubbüro Rote Fabrik, Rhizom Festival, Zurich)

Panel languages will be English and German, a follow-up discussion with the audience is foreseen.

Saturday 16:00 – 17:30, free entry, no registration required.

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