Lara Dâmaso

CH, Zurich




Saturday, 22:15

The dancing body and the singing body are one and the same. The same mode of communication: vibration. The dancing body and the singing body speak to, but needn’t answer each other.

This isn’t call-and-response, it’s faster than that. A skip ahead. Immediate presence. The dancing-singing body is an open channel – not an empty chamber. Because it is a conduit, and not a chamber, it can harmonise with what passes through it. This in turn reveals what it carries and how it’s constructed. It isn’t an echo, it’s more melodic than that.

The dancing-singing body is a reflective surface. It details acutely the time and space, form and movement that surround it. It is implicated by these agents and simultaneously implicates them. But this isn’t representation, it’s more immersive than that. And it doesn’t need more than what’s already here.

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