CH, Zurich




Friday & Saturday, 23:00

It’s an upgrade. Men deciding what is natural and what is not is over. We are cyborgs and we are together. Dissolving, carefully downloading and uploading.

DIVAS Touching (is electric). Every 20 min one to one 15 min. treatment performance with the hands on.

DIVAS takes you to the next level. There is no chance for a fresh start though – lot’s need to be undone. We are with what our skin knows and we trust it. What kind of embodied histories and intimacies do we practice if the future is now? The person receiving the treatment lays on the table with eyes covered, wearing earphones.

To take part means to agree on being watched from outside through the sheer walls. Clothing optional.

concept: Rafał Pierzyński
performance: Rafał Pierzyński, Agata Grabowska
sound: Marcel Babazadeh
masks: Nagi Gianni
photos: Caroline Palla

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